Welcome to Our Website

Block Parole, Inc. is an Ohio not profit organization committed to keeping violent offenders in prison for their maximum sentences. We also alert the public about violent offenders that have been released from prison. Since our work began in 2005 we have assisted in keeping over 100 violent offenders behind bars.

In addition to keeping violent inmates behind bars we believe it is imperative that victims and their families, as well as the public, have input in the parole process. We successfully wrote and helped pass Laura’s Law and Roberta’s Law in Ohio. These two laws greatly increased transparency in Ohio’s parole process and helped give many victims and their families input in the parole process. Our visitors have submitted tens of thousands of petitions to various state parole boards opposing the releases of violent offenders.

We appreciate you visiting our web site and thank you for supporting the victims and their families. Together we can make a difference.